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About Indoor Bowls

The origin of bowls can be traced at least as far back as the 13th century and has been popular ever since. However, like many outdoor games, bowls is affected by the weather, especially during harsh winters. As a result, indoor variations of the game were introduced. Indoor bowls is played on a surface of carpet, Although there are some differences to the rules compared to outdoor bowls, it is essentially the same game.

Choosing Indoor Bowls

The following bowls will perform best on indoor, or fast running outdoor surfaces such as artificial outdoor surfaces:

Drakes Pride Advantage – This is an ideal choice for those who play difficult narrow end rinks. It has the narrowest draw of the Drakes Pride Bowls range and is a great choice for a leads bowl. It gives a faster and more direct line to the Jack. Drakes Pride Advantage is more suited to experienced players and has been designed for fast indoor bowls.

Drakes Pride Fineline – Used by Gold Medal winner Robert Weale in the Men’s Singles at the Delhi Commonwealth Games. The Fineline features the practical and appealing Drakes Pride’s Forty Dimple Grip. The Drakes Pride Fineline has a draw half-way between the professional and advantage. It has similar handling to the Professional and is ideal for those do not feel ready yet for the advantage. An ideal, stable bowl which finishes well, mainly due to its “balanced arc shape.”

Taylor Lazer – Taylor Bowls continue to be pioneers in the bowl making industry and their Lawn bowls have a reputation for accuracy and consistency. The Taylor Lazer is a new addition to the Taylor Bowls range and is ideal for fast surfaces and indoor greens. It has a slim shape and precision narrow bias. It is comfortable to hold as it has Progrip dimples as standard. Suitable for the more experienced player.

Taylor Vector VS – This has a narrow drawing arc (slightly wider than the Lazer) and has a gentle draw to the jack with no hook at the end. The Taylor Vector VS is suitable for fast surfaces and indoor greens. Perfect for front end bowlers, it is the fastest-selling bowl for indoor bowls in the UK and is popular among our Australian customers.

Almark Arrow– Designed for indoor and fast paced outdoor greens. Suitable for all levels of players. The Almark Arrow has the narrowest draw of all the Almark bowls and less hook at the finish. This means the player can challenge a wider variety of shots on faster greens with certainty.

Henselite Tiger II – The Henselite Tiger II is suitable for indoor and fast outdoor bowling. It has a draw line between the Dreamline and Classic II. Its slightly slimmer shape makes it more comfortable to handle. Henselite are world leaders in bowls manufacturing.

The following can be used for indoor and outdoor bowling:

Drakes Pride Professional – Good all-round bowl that plays well on any pace surface. It is the most popular Drakes Pride bowl and is ideal for beginners or pros and can be used in any position of play. It has a medium draw which is steady and constant and has an easy to read line.

Taylor Ace – One of the most popular bowls on the market and has a slightly lower pace so is ideal for experienced or less experienced players alike. It has a slightly wider drawing arc than the Vector with no hook at the end.

Henselite Tiger Pro – Multi-purpose, versatile bowl that can be used on all pace surfaces. It is a narrow to mid-bias ball with a draw line between the Henselite Tiger and the Henselite Tiger II. It is aimed at the pro, but is also suitable for the beginner looking to play a variety of shots with good reliability. Contemporary designed ball with ergonomic profile and easy-to-hold dimple grip, for greater precision.

Almark Slimline – This lighter, slimmer shape and improved grip which makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The Slimline has a slightly wider draw than the Arrow, but this is narrower than the Sterling Gold and has a straighter finish. It is lighter than a heavyweight ball and its medium draw makes it ideal for a bowler who wants a set of bowls for all conditions.