Entry is limited to Moonfleet 2000 IBC Social or Full Members

Players will be split into groups and initial matches will be conducted as round robin

Early matches will consist of 3 games, One point will be awarded for winning each game and 2 points for winning a match.

Total points  for each match =5

All 3 games, in each match must be played. NO concessions

The Winners of each group will play off in the semi-final , which will be the best of 5 games

The Final will be the best of 7 games

The losers of the semi-final will play off for 3rd place, in the best of 5 games

Fixture dates will be published on the social notice board, if you are unable to play on that date please ensure that the match is played before the end of round date.

The table can be booked by writing at the bottom of the page in the rink book

Two shots are awarded for a foul shot.

If the white is accidentally potted it must be played from the D

The black ball can be potted in ANY pocket and does not have to be nominated.

If you have been awarded 2 shots you can pot one of your opponents balls, this does not commit a further foul.