Message from the Club Secretary

The Club Handbook for 2018/9 has now been posted on the website. Unfortunately due to the Data Protection Rules we are no longer able to show private phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the website because it is accessible to all. Your team Captains will have the phone numbers of the Captains of the other teams in your League/Division for use in re-organising games etc. If you require any other members phone numbers these can be obtained from the office.

The new Handbook also does not include the Rules for Club Competitions. This is being rewritten and will be published as a separate booklet shortly and will made be available to all those entering the Club Competitions. It will also be found on the website in due course.

From this month the minutes of the Bowls Club Committee will be posted on the website, These will of course be the approved minutes of the previous month’s meeting but is being put there you keep you all informed of the committees actions and decisions .

If you have any matters or complaints that you would like the Bowls Committee to hear about and consider please do so in writing with your name and club number and leave in an envelope in the members post tray for me to collect so it can be put to the next meeting. All referrals will get a reply via the post tray.

To view the Handbook follow the link here.

Happy Bowling

Mike Browne


Moonfleet Whites v Bridport Navy

20 Aug 18 – Yowser 6-0 to Moonfleet

I walked in the club at 11.15 and saw the scores on the board and immediately thought, oh dear, we are struggling today, rink 3 with Di Carteur, Dave Clegg and Derek Spicer were 7-7 and on rink 4 Dave Blackmore, Mairi Mathie and Rod Wakefield were 3-9 down. How wrong I was.

Derek’s team carried on equal until a 3 on end 11 saw them put a bit of daylight between the scores at 11-8, followed by a 4 and a 2 on ends 15 and 16 put them ahead by 18-10. Bridport came back on the last two ends but it wasn’t enough and Moonfleet ran out winners 18-13.

On the other rink Moonfleet continued to give away points and after 12 ends it was 4-12 to Bridport. I am not sure what happened then, did their skip have a problem did our team have a coffee, I don’t know but it all changed, the next 4 ends to Moonfleet with a 3,2,2,1 brought them level at 12 all. Can we do it!! End 17 and, oh no, 2 to Bridport, surely not after their great comeback. End 18, all bowls bowled but one, Rod Wakefield’s. Bridport holding at least one and a bunch of balls surrounding the jack, (I guess this is where all that experience comes in) nothing for it but to hit and hope. I was watching from two rinks across but it clattered the head, put the jack in the ditch and with 4 back bowls to Moonfleet it was a victory. 16-14 to us.

Overall it looked like a great game and the total was 34-27 and a rare 6-0 win for the Whites. Well done all.

Dolphin Blues v Moonfleet Whites

15 Aug 18 – Hooray, we won 2-4

A good victory as any win at Dolphin is to be celebrated because they seem to be few and far between, however, Jack Mathie and Mairi Mathie had a brilliant game doing exactly what skip Mal Smith told them to do, it was close to start with but a steady score on each end gave Moonfleet a lead then a piece of good fortune, the Blues were holding 2 but they were close together, the last ball of the end saw Mal Smith have a go at the pair after failing to draw the jack, direct hit!, the pair just rolled away a bit, and a measure ensued. 5 to Moonfleet, unbelievable! There was no coming back from that and Moonfleet ran out 8-24 winners.

On the other rink it was a very tight affair with the score still at 9-9 going into the last two ends. Mary Curran, Richard Caseley and Andy Short as skip had had a ding dong battle all day, then, disaster, they gave away a 7. That did it and there wasn’t time to come back from that unfortunately. Dolphin Blues finished as winners with a score of 17-10. 

Overall then a 25-34 victory and a score of 2-4 to Moonfleet, well done all and thanks for giving Mal Smith his first ever win at Dolphin.

Moonfleet Greens v Bournemouth

10 Aug 18 It’s a draw 3-3

Within this league Bournemouth are the side to beat so this was a brilliant result for Moonfleet. The side of Gill and Phil Lock skipped by Roger Bolton had a very close encounter, in the early stages it was very close with the score 7-5 to Moonfleet after 7 ends, the next 6 ends favoured Bournemouth making the score 9-11. Roles were then reversed again and Moonfleet came out victorious at 17-13.

On the other rink Julie Watts, Andy Clark and skip John Avant had another close encounter matching Bournemouth end for end up to 10 ends. The score at this point was 7-8 to Bournemouth then Moonfleet scored a 5, 12-8, can we hang on to it? Nope, the last 7 ends favoured Bournemouth who ran out eventual winners 15-19.

Overall a good result of 32-32 and 3 points each on the league table.


Moonfleet Whites v Dolphin Reds

6 Aug 18 Moonfleet win 4-2

An excellent win for the Whites with Jack Mathie, Derrick Taylor and Gerd Holmes having a great day by beating their rivals 21-9. Dolphin’s only highlight was a 4 on end 15 which made their score look a bit more respectable. 

On the other rink Mary Curran, Richard Caseley and Andy Short kept the score very close until the 11th end, at this stage it was 6-6 but then Moonfleet conceded a 3 followed by a 5 which with ends running out Moonfleet were never able to claw back losing the match by 9-18.

Overall an excellent result for Moonfleet who often struggle against teams from Poole, final score 30-27 and a 4-2 win. Well done everyone.


Winter KO Comps

Entry Forms

The entry form for the club winter knockout competitions will be available at the club from 2 August. Closing date for entries is 5 October 18. You can download a copy of the entry form by following the link below;

The forms are also available in the blue box on the table opposite reception.

All the competitions will commence in November. If you have any queries then Steve Wilson is your man!


Bridport Royals v Moonfleet Whites

3 Aug 18 Bridport win 6-0

This was a very close affair although the score does not reflect the match itself. On rink 1 were Derek Spicer, Mal Smith and skip Rod Wakefield up against Phil Hedges and Mike Fletcher, up to the 7th end things were going in favour of Moonfleet and with a 4 on the next end it looked quite rosy at 9-2 to us. Then we dropped a 3, couple of ends later another 3 as Bridport started to claw it back with some excellent bowling from their skip, his bowls are exceptionally straight but he does bowl them well. A bit of hope with a 3 on end 17, but not to be and a final score of 16-11 to Bridport.

The other rink consisted of Dave Clegg as lead with Val Spicer and Steve Wilson as skip.This again was close but their lead was on the money most ends which kept constant pressure on our players, never able to take the lead. The final score in this one was 19-10 to Bridport giving an overall score to them of 35-21 and a 6-0 win. 


Moonfleet Greens v Bridport Royals
22 July 18 Bridport win 6-0

This was  a disappointing match for both teams, on rink 3 were Gill and Phil Lock with skip Brian Martindil and on Rink 4 were Mary Dunne, Di Edwards and skip Peter Ellis. 

Brian’s’ team got off to a slow start with the match looking very even at 4-5 after seven ends. A 2 from Bridport was countered by a 4 from Moonfleet and put us in the lead, but a swift reply of a 4 from the Royals saw it all go downhill from then on, Moonfleet scoring only one more point to finish 9-24.

Peter’s team didn’t seem able to match Bridport although they did score two 4’s on the card, the Royals were much more consistent picking up 2’s and 3’s for most of the ends with an impressive 6 on the 5th end, the final score being 10-28 to Bridport.

This gave Bridport an overall score of 19-52 and the full 6 points.


Bridge Club Players

The Bridge Club is looking for 2 more players to learn the art of Bridge and can come on a Friday afternoon at 2 pm, if anybody knows a couple who would like to learn, they don’t have to be members of the club, then please let me know their contact details.



Moonfleet Greens v Moonfleet Whites

16 July 18, Moonfleet Greens won 4 – 2

John Avant, Gill Lock, Norman Byden, Chris Rod, Mary Curran, Val Spicer, Mal Smith, Jack Mathie, Gerd Holmes, Mairi Mathie, Robin Wilson and the missing Peter Ellis (where did he go!)

This was quite a match, on one side Mary, Val and Malcolm were shown how it should be done by Chris, Gill and Norman going down to a 31-10 defeat, Gill, after having been up all night, was playing magnificent bowls countering everything Mary and Val could set up and if they didn’t do it, Norman did. 

A different story on the other team where the Greens didn’t seem to get started being 7 down after the first 3 ends, then the Whites gave away a 4 starting a comeback for the Greens, nip and tuck then with the score being really close until a 5 by the Whites took them in to an unassailable lead to the finish, the Whites were Jack, then Mairi with Gerd as their skip and for the Greens it was Robin, Peter and John Avant, a close game with the final score 18-16  to the Whites.

Overall a win for the Greens 47-28.


Club Presentation Night

Were You There….
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