Bridge Club Players

The Bridge Club is looking for 2 more players to learn the art of Bridge and can come on a Friday afternoon at 2 pm, if anybody knows a couple who would like to learn, they don’t have to be members of the club, then please let me know their contact details.



Moonfleet Greens v Moonfleet Whites

16 July 18, Moonfleet Greens won 4 – 2

John Avant, Gill Lock, Norman Byden, Chris Rod, Mary Curran, Val Spicer, Mal Smith, Jack Mathie, Gerd Holmes, Mairi Mathie, Robin Wilson and the missing Peter Ellis (where did he go!)

This was quite a match, on one side Mary, Val and Malcolm were shown how it should be done by Chris, Gill and Norman going down to a 31-10 defeat, Gill, after having been up all night, was playing magnificent bowls countering everything Mary and Val could set up and if they didn’t do it, Norman did. 

A different story on the other team where the Greens didn’t seem to get started being 7 down after the first 3 ends, then the Whites gave away a 4 starting a comeback for the Greens, nip and tuck then with the score being really close until a 5 by the Whites took them in to an unassailable lead to the finish, the Whites were Jack, then Mairi with Gerd as their skip and for the Greens it was Robin, Peter and John Avant, a close game with the final score 18-16  to the Whites.

Overall a win for the Greens 47-28.


Bridport Navy v Moonfleet Whites

29 June 18 Moonfleet lost 2 – 4 Boohoo!

Mal Smith, Derrick Taylor, Val Spicer, Derek Spicer, Steve Wilson and Andy Short.

Well, this was a bit of a roller coaster ride with the team of Mal, Derrick and Derek making a slow start by not scoring until the fifth end but still only 4-0 down at that point. Picked up 2 to halve the deficit then to draw level on the next end. There no.2, Barbara, was bowling really well and just resting on the jack every time. Had to wait another 5 ends to score again but managed to draw it back to 9-8 to Bridport. Running out of ends here in a very low scoring match, but Barbara had a bad end, we scored 4, a bit of daylight opened up. A little bit of luck on the next few ends saw us leading by 4 going in to the last end. After 7 bowls they were holding 4, are we going to lose it now?, step up Derrick to the mat, and he puts one on the jack with a wick to give Moonfleet a win by 5 points, 16-11.

On the other green the fortunes were not with the Moonfleet team of Andy, Val and Steve as skip, it was quite tight for the first 8 ends but then a six was conceded which was a big setback, their skip was having a good day and managing to steal most of the ends, Val was the pick of the Moonfleet bowlers today and the final result was a disappointing 15-23. Overall a win for Bridport by 34-31.


Moonfleet Whites v Dolphin Blues 

18 June 18 Moonfleet Won 4 – 2 Hooray!

Moonfleet Whites v Dolphin

Andy Short, Richard Casley, Mairi Mathie, Jack Mathie, Gerd Holmes and Malcolm Smith

This was a close one, Richard, Andy and Malcolm in one team and Jack, Mairi and Gerd in the other. Gerd’s team got off to a poor start being 6 down after three ends then, blink, it was 7-6, how did that happen! A steady game from then on saw them winning 21-14.

On the other rink Malcolm’s team were going really well then the opposite happened, they dropped a 6 to a poor end, you know, one of those where it is completely open, no bowl within a yard and you still can’t get one on target. 13-7 down, time for a comeback. With two ends to go it was 14-14, can we snatch victory etc.. Nope, last two ends saw us give away a 2 and a 3 to finish 14-19. Overall a score of 35-33 saw Moonfleet pick up 4 points, you have to be happy with that against Dolphin.


Club Presentation Night

Were You There….
and did you win anything….



Bridge Club has changed times.

The Bridge club has changed its time and day from a Thursday evening to Friday afternoons from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.

This is a very laid back and fun bridge session for new to bridge players using ACOL. Players of all levels are welcome and some tuition is available if required.