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Moonfleet continue run of success in the Top Club Competition

Moonfleet men and ladies again enjoyed success in the multi- format mixed Top Club competition. This time the opponents travelled to Weymouth from Torquay to compete in singles, mixed pairs, mixed triples and mixed fours with 16 match points to be won.

Karen Hofen had a superbly exciting singles game winning by just 3 shots 21 – 18, whilst Keith Wyman romped home in the men’s singles with a massive 22 – 4 win. These two successes gave Moonfleet an early 4 point lead.

In the pairs Eileen Devonald-Batt and Jamie Watkiss had an incredibly close game and were just one shot ahead 15 – 14 with three ends to go. As ever, the cool couple kept their nerve and, adding 7 more shots, finished with a confident 22 – 15 victory adding another 4 points to bring the match point total up to 8 out of 16.

In the event of a draw on points, the overall shot difference decides the outcome so now all eyes were on the two remaining games. In the mixed triples Warwick Brown, Anne Chislett and skip Jamie Lockwood kept ahead for the first eleven ends, but were overtaken to finish 11 – 15 down giving Torquay 4 points.

In the mixed fours Chris Rod, Mairi Mathie, Warren Smith and skip Barry Patterson had a game of mixed fortunes against strong opposition with first one side then the other taking control. With scores level 14 – 14 with two ends to go it was Torquay who triumphed 18 – 14 and picked up another 4 match points.

The point score was finally tied 8 points each, showing what a close contest it had been, but Moonfleet had picked up sufficient shots throughout to win the day 89 – 70 and move into the next round to be played against Ilminster in December.

Another win for Moonfleet in National Competitions

Moonfleet Ladies who were beaten by just one shot by Ilminster in the Yetton Trophy a few weeks ago now play in the Yetton Plate. This weekend saw the two home and two away rinks up against Bridport.

At home Margaret Hooper, Di Carteur, Chris Thompson and skip Jennie Brown had a close tussle with the scores 8 – 8 by the halfway stage against the Bridport rink with skip Sue Walsh. The second half saw the visitors pull away to win just 3 shots ahead 16 – 13. On the other home rink Karen Hofen, Gill Lock, Mary Irvine and skip Jill Gwilliam were in control throughout and had a superb 24 – 11 win against the Bridport foursome with skip A Turtell.

In Bridport Val Griffin, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Shirley Bowley and skip Anne Chislett found themselves 4 – 10 down by the halfway stage against the home rink with skip M Clapp. The second half of the game saw the Fleet foursome get firmly in the driving seat and, with Bridport only able to add 3 more shots to their score, Moonfleet played out with a magnificent 20 – 13 win. On the other rink Chris Rod, Mairi Mathie, Di Edwards and skip Mary Richards surged into a 15 – 1 lead against the Bridport foursome with skip A Legg after ten ends. The second half belonged to Bridport who piled on the pressure only allowing the visitors 2 more shots for the rest of the game. The Moonfleet lead, though, was enough to secure a 17 – 13 win, an overall 74 – 53 total score and a place in the next round against Taunton in a fortnight


Moonfleet Ladies A team entertained Dorchester Elm in their latest game in the Ladies County inter-club league. Monique Gandy, Chris Rod, Di Edwards and skip Jennie Brown had a close tussle against the Dorchester rink with skip K Johns who were just one shot ahead 6 – 5 after seven ends. Moonfleet kept into the game and, by end twelve, had levelled the score 8 – 8. The game of cat and mouse continued with the hosts one shot ahead with two ends to go. The visitors then took control and, adding seven shots, Moonfleet had to settle for a 13 – 19 defeat.

On the other rink Margaret Hooper, Eileen Devonald-Batt, Jill Gwilliam and skip Mary Richards got off to a flying start over the first eight ends picking up a superb six shot haul along the way to lie 13 – 2 ahead against the Elm rink with skip V Cornick. The Moonfleet quartet stayed well and truly in control and, with the Dorchester rink only adding a further three shots to their total, the home rink played out with a splendid 21 – 5 victory, a combined overall 34 – 24 score and six out of the eight league points for the match.

Moonfleet men progress in Denny Cup

3rd round winners against Isle of Wedmore bowling club. Two away rinks returning excellent results, Jamie Watkiss, Keith Wyman, Harry Nash and Derek Taylor winning by 17 shots, Jamie Lockwood, Warren Smith, Derek D-Batt, tying a tough game. At Moonfleet our home rinks restricted the two opposing rinks to only scoring 9 shots on the last 22 ends. Barry Patterson, Ron McCarthy, Andy Clark and Warwick Smith winning by 18, the other rink of Ryan Nash, Brandon King, Austin Nash and Dean Ballard winning by 9, average age of this rink being 18 one of the countries youngest rinks at this level of bowls.

Report from Tim Munro

Summer Presentation

For Summer Presentation Pictures please go to the Galleries heading under The Chronicle…..


Moonfleet Ladies C team travelled to Poole where they recorded their first success of the season against Dolphin C in the Ladies County Inter-Club league. Gwen Rees, Sylvie Coucher, Pam Jones and skip Sheila Chilvers took off to a flying start and, by end five were 11 – 0 up against the Dolphin rink with skip H Coldridge. Although the hosts started to notch up a score, the Fleet foursome kept up the pressure and never lost the advantage finishing with a 19 – 9 victory.

On the other rink Chrystelle Jones, Edwina Toone, Glynis Thorne and skip Liz Williams had a really close first half against the Dolphin rink with skip D Saxby with the scores 5 – 6 in Dolphin’s favour after nine ends. From that point on, though, the visiting ladies took complete control and, allowing the Dolphin rink to score only once more for the remainder of the game, the Moonfleet quartet stormed to a splendid 19 – 8 finish giving them an overall 38 – 17 total and all eight of the league points on offer.


Moonfleet Ladies B team had an exciting cliffhanger contest against Dorchester Oak played at home in this latest game in the Ladies County inter-club league. The Dorchester rink with skip Sue Jennings got off to a confident start and, after five ends, were 5 – 1 up against Val Griffin, Di Carteur, Denise Duce and skip Ruthie Neary. The Moonfleet rink then started to fight back and gradually closed the gap to lie just one shot behind at 9 – 10 by end fourteen. Seven more shots to the visitors over the last four ends, though, decided the outcome and Moonfleet had to settle for a 17 – 10 defeat.

On the other rink Kerry Wilson, Jo Taylor, Madge Churches and skip Judy Why took control from the outset against the Oak rink with skip Barbara Lacey and after seven ends were 9 – 1 ahead. Seven shots to Dorchester over the next two ends brought the scores almost level and the close tussle continued for a further six ends with just two shots in it 14 – 12 in Moonfleet’s favour. The home rink then struck gold, picking up a splendid 5, then a 4 and a single over the final three ends to add 10 shots to their score to finish with a convincing 24 – 12 victory, an overall 34 – 29 total and six of the eight league points available for the match.

Mens 60+ League B – Moonfleet B v Moonfleet C

On rink 5 was Andy Short, Dave Grantham and Mal Smith for the B Team v Ian, Tim Munro and Colin Poulter for the C Team. A comprehensive victory for the C Team with all three players bowling consistently well, the lead and second for Mal’s team were also on form but unfortunately Mal couldn’t better Colin and the result was 6-21 to Moonfleet C.

On rink 6 however, it was the complete opposite with the B Team of Richard Casely, Terry Huggins and Terry Errington overwhelming the C team of Mike Legge, Maurice Zollo and skip Colin Chatburn. The B team were up right from the start and apart from one or two good ends by the C team it finished 26-11 to Moonfleet B.

Final result, 32-32 and 3 league points each.


Moonfleet Ladies A had a resounding victory when they entertained East Dorset A in their latest game in the County inter-club league. Karen Hofen, Mairi Mathie, Di Edwards and skip Anne Chislett had a close tussle over the first seven ends against the East Dorset rink with skip N Mapes with Moonfleet just one shot ahead at 5 – 4. The hosts then nudged in front and, by end twelve, were 10 – 6 up. With the visitors only managing to pick up single shots on three more ends, the Moonfleet foursome, with the help of a splendid 5 shot haul, finished with a 17 – 9 win.

On the other rink Margaret Hooper, Gill Lock, Eileen Devonald-Batt and skip Jennie Brown stormed into an early lead 13 – 6 after nine ends against the visiting rink with skip B Dowling. The Moonfleet ladies moved from strength to strength adding 15 shots and keeping the opposition almost completely out of the remainder of the game they finished with an impressive 28 – 8 victory. The overall win on both rinks gave Moonfleet an overall 45 – 17 total and all 8 league points.

Mens 60+ League Wellworthy v Moonfleet B

Played last Friday this was a close encounter on one rink and a runaway victory on the other. On rink 1 were Richard Casely and Derek Peach skipped by Terry Errington against Roger Cox for Wellworthy. It looked like Terry could do no wrong for the entire match and with Richard and Derek bowling consistently they only allowed Wellworthy to win 5 ends in total and ran out victors by 9-23.

On the other rink were Andy Short, Terry Huggins with skip Mal Smith against a Wellworthy team led by Mike Irvine. After a slow start the momentum swung towards Moonfleet and by end 11 we were winning 3-11. Moonfleet were then shut out for 5 ends by some inspired play by the Wellworthy skip but they could only pick up 1’s and 2’s. At end 13 the score was 10-11 to Moonfleet. Don’t panic, we were playing the more consistent bowls so with a 1 on the next end and winning the last 3 ends it was a squeaky yet deserved victory for the Moonfleet trio by 11-16.

Overall a good win and onother 6 points in the bag.

Moonfleet continue to triumph in National Competition

With two mixed rinks at home and two away, Moonfleet had a thrilling contest against Taunton Vivary in the latest round of the National Egham knockout competition.

In Taunton Eileen Devonald-Batt, Anne Chislett, Ryan Nash and skip Jamie Watkiss moved into an early lead and, by end ten, were 14 – 6 ahead against the Taunton rink with skip J Amery. With Moonfleet continuing to dominate for the remainder of the game, there was little the home rink could do as the Watkiss rink piled on the pressure to finish with a 23 – 12 win.

The other Moonfleet away rink of Chris Rod, Mairi Mathie, Keith Wyman and skip Ron McCarthy had a tougher time against the home rink with skip P Shaw and by end ten the visitors were 4 – 16 down. The Taunton rink continued to keep control and by end fourteen the gap had widened to see Moonfleet 5 – 20 behind. They were not to be put off though as the last seven ends saw Moonfleet up their game and add 10 shots to their total to narrow the gap and finish 15 – 23 down.

At home Karen Hofen, Jennie Brown, Mike Gale and skip Barry Patterson had a very close first seven ends against the Taunton rink with skip A Affleck with Moonfleet just one shot ahead 6 – 5. The Patterson foursome then went up a gear and by end twelve they had moved into a 15 – 5 lead. With the Affleck rink only managing to add 5 more shots, the Moonfleet quartet went from strength to strength finishing with a resounding 25 – 10 win.

On the other rink after ten ends the Taunton rink with skip T Hemburrow had moved into a commanding lead of 14 – 1 against Gill Lock, Warwick Brown, Carole Venton and skip Jamie Lockwood. From that point on, though, the Moonfleet rink took control and, by end seventeen, excitement mounted as the scores were tied at 15 – 15. The nail-biting final four ends saw the Lockwood rink edge ahead and lie 18 – 16 up on the penultimate end and, with just one shot to Taunton on the final end, Moonfleet pulled off a splendid 18 – 17 win.

The overall total of 81 shots to 62 puts Moonfleet into the next round to be played against Victoria club of Street on 10th November.


Moonfleet continue their run of success in National Competitions

Moonfleet 14 points Dorchester 2 points

Moonfleet 2000 IBC bowlers again enjoyed success in a National Competition. This time it was in the Top Club Competition played against Dorchester at home over the weekend. This competition sees players compete in four formats of the game: a Men’s and Ladies two wood Singles (first player to score 21 shots), a Mixed Pairs, a Mixed Triples and a Mixed Fours all played over 18 ends. The winners of the Singles pick up 2 points and the other formats are worth 4 points respectively.

In the Ladies Singles, Moonfleet’s Karen Hofen found herself trailing 2 – 7 against Sue Jennings, but then went up a gear to overtake into a 10 – 9 lead. Only losing one more shot for the rest of the game and finishing 21 – 10, Moonfleet notched up their first 2 points.

In the Men’s Singles, Keith Wyman of Moonfleet moved into an early lead and was soon sitting in a comfortable 10 – 4 lead. Dorchester’s Kevin Holbrook, however, gradually started to build a score and had soon narrowed the gap to lie just one shot behind at 14 – 15. With Wyman later 18 – 14 ahead and victory in his sight, Holbrook held his nerve and, adding 7 shots over four ends, pipped the Moonfleet player at the post to claim a 21 – 18 win and 2 points for Dorchester.

In the Mixed Pairs Eileen Devonald-Batt and Jamie Watkiss had a convincing win over Arthur and Barbara Lacey. At the halfway stage the Moonfleet pair were 11 – 5 ahead and they then went from strength to strength finishing with a splendid 24 – 6 victory to earn them a further 4 points to bring the overall total to 6.

The Mixed Triples game was a much tighter contest with Colin Poulter, Anne Chislett and skip Mike Gale facing the Dorchester rink with skip Ged Costello. Although Moonfleet seemed to be in control at 9 – 5 after eight ends, Dorchester gradually closed the gap and, by end fifteen, the scores were level at 11 – 11. The tension rose as Dorchester went ahead by one shot, but with the final two ends going to the Gale side, Moonfleet ended 14 – 12 ahead adding another 4 points to increase the overall total.

In the Mixed Four game, Moonfleet’s rink of Chris Rod, Mairi Mathie, Warren Smith and skip Barry Patterson had a flying start picking up 5 shots on the first end against the Dorchester rink with skip George Spracklen. The remainder of the first half of the game was extremely close with the scores level at 12 -12 by end eleven. The Patterson rink though then took complete control and, keeping the Dorchester rink out of the game from that point on, added 15 shots to their score to finish with a splendid 27 – 12 victory giving Moonfleet another 4 points to bring the overall final total to 14. Moonfleet now go on to meet Torquay United in the next round.

Moonfleet B v Dorchester B – Mens 60+ League ‘B’

This was a very enjoyable encounter with both rinks playing well. The trio of Terry Huggins, Derek Peach and Terry Errington kept up a steady pace, only allowing Dorch to win 2 ends in the first 7 ends. Dorchester then made a comeback to be 11-9 down after 11 endsbut a back to back 4 and 3 put Moonfleet back in control to come out worthy winners at 20-15.

The other rink of Andy Short, Dave Grantham and Mal Smith played with consistency, only allowing Dorchester to win 7 of the 18 ends, nothing spectacular but some good play from lead and second and the skip making some good shots when needed. Moonfleet coming out on top with an 18-9 win. The total was 38-24 and 6-0 to Moonfleet B.

Moonfleet C v Dolphin Mens 60 + League ‘B’

This was a match of two halves, the triples of Ian Marshall, Colin Chatburn and Colin Poulter streaked ahead and never lost the lead to come out with an impressive 26-16 scoreline. However, the other match with Howard King, Tim Munro and Derek Devonald Batt as skip was allmost the opposite. They made a good start and were ahead for half the match but the Dolphin three caught them up to lead by 11-21 going in to the final end. This meant that whoever won the final end would take the extra 2 points. Moonfleet managed to nick it by 1 making the final score 12-21 to Dolphin. Totalled up it was a win for Moonfleet 38-37 and 4-2 in league points.


Moonfleet Ladies A team got off to a flying start in their first game of the season playing against Dolphin B at home. Eileen Devonald-Batt, Chris Rod, Jennie Brown and skip Mary Richards had a very close first half against the Dolphin rink with skip R Valentine and, by end nine the scores were tied at five shots apiece. From that point onwards, the hosts moved ahead and added five shots to their score over the next two ends. Although the visitors stayed in the running over a further five ends, nine shots to Moonfleet over the final two ends sealed the outcome putting the hosts 20 – 9 ahead.

On the other rink Karen Hofen, Monique Gandy, Carole Venton and skip Anne Chislett again had a very tight game over the first seven ends against the Dolphin rink with skip V Miller. With scores 7 – 7 at this stage, the Moonfleet foursome started to pull away and, by end fourteen, they had moved into a commanding 21 – 10 lead. With only one more shot lost to Dolphin, the Moonfleet rink finally claimed a 27 – 11 victory, an overall 47 – 20 total and all 8 of the league points for the game.

Mens Denny Cup

The first round of the Denny cup was played against Bridport with a format of two home rinks and two away rinks played simultaneously.

Moonfleet men won all four rinks, both home and away, with an impressive 99-44 victory after 18 ends.

This was a positive start to the Denny cup campaign, the premier National Club  competition. having reached the semi-final a couple of years ago Moon fleet are looking to put another run of wins together. The next opponents are North Petherton to be played on 2nd November at 10am.

Your support is welcome so come and cheer us on.

Tim Munro


First Win of the Season for Moonfleet in National Competition

Egham Trophy v Dorchester

With two mixed rinks at home and two away in the first round of the National Egham knockout competition, Monfleet bowlers enjoyed a superb win against Dorchester who conceded on all four rinks before the final ends were played.

At home, Karen Hofen, Jennie Brown, Derek Devonald-Batt and skip Barry Patterson had a game of two halves with the Dorchester rink well in control and 15 – 7 ahead by end ten. From that point on though, the Patterson rink went up a gear and, only losing one end for the rest of the game, overtook the Dorchester foursome to claim a 21 – 16 win.

The other home rink of Gill Lock, Warwick Brown, Margaret Crawford and skip Mike Gale dominated from the start and, keeping the Dorchester rink right out of the game, notched up an amazing 23 – 1 lead by end thirteen. The three more ends won by the visitors made little impact on the home side who finished with a superb 28 – 5 victory.

In Dorchester Chris Rod, Mairi Mathie, Keith Wyman and skip Jamie Lockwood had a close first nine ends to lie just one shot ahead 9 – 8. The Lockwood rink then took complete control and, with Dorchester only managing to pick up single shots on two more ends, the Moonfleet foursome ended with a resounding 26 – 10 triumph.

The other away rink of Eileen Devonald-Batt, Anne Chislett, Ryan Nash and skip Jamie Watkiss had a closer contest ahead by 10 – 8 after nine ends. Again Moonfleet proved to be the dominant side as they widened their lead to finish 21 – 13 ahead at the point where all four Dorchester rinks conceded.

Moonfleet’s impressive 96 – 44 combined winning total means they now move forward to meet Taunton in the next round.

Dorset County Indoor Bowls Association

Having recently attended a meeting of the DCIBA they have announced the creation of a new website which looks very good and is for both the Men and Ladies, all the results for the County and Local competitions  will be published and for those that affect Moonfleet there will be a link from the Dorset Results page under the League table heading.

You can find it at

Pay a visit and have a look.

The Dorset Committee (Men) have also appealed for more members to enter the County Knockout competitions, your chances of doing well are quite good owing to the small number of entries received. Look out for the notices coming up on your notice board. I am sure this applies to the Ladies competitions too.

Summer Open Mixed Triples League

The competition has now ended and Moonfleet Greens came a close second to Bournemouth – again – with Moonfleet Whites coming a creditable 6th. Our thanks go to Phil Lock, Steve Wilson and Richard Caseley for picking the teams and ensuring that every fixture was fulfilled.

The final table is below and can also be found under the League results header at the top of the page.

Position Team Played Won Drawn Shots For Shots Against Difference Points
1 Bournemouth 14 10 1 500 386 114 58
2 Moonfleet Greens 14 10 1 493 393 100 56
3 Bridport Blues 14 9 0 501 387 114 51
4 Dolphin Blues 13 8 1 410 411 -1 42
5 Dolphin Reds 14 4 1 433 450 -17 37
6 Moonfleet Whites 14 4 1 401 457 -56 32
7 Dorchester Falcons 14 4 0 421 501 -80 29
8 Dorset Resort 13 3 1 340 514 -174 25


Moonfleet Whites v Dorchester Falcons 1 July 19

What a close match this was, rink 3 had Julie Watts, Gill Gwilliam and Mal Smith up against Jim and Pauline Trim and their skip Pat Garrett, whilst on rink 4 Richard Caseley, Marty Groves and Eddie Rees were playing M Bickell, H Ryan and Steve Gamlin.

Mal and his team got off to a slow start only scoring 1 in the first 5 ends to Dorch’s 8, then they got stuck on 8 as Fleet reeled them in to be 9-8 up after 10 ends. Then it was nip and tuck as the lead went back and forth to be 13 all with 2 ends to go. A super shot from the Dorchester lead had them holding one which was knocked off to give us 2, then a fine bowl from their skip pushed one of theirs in for one to them. Mal stepped up, knocked another of theirs in to give them 2, Oh no… 13-15 to Dorch. Final end and another good start for Dorch had them holding one and the jack surrounded with one bowl to come from Mal Smith. It looked impossible but there were some back bowls. How does it go, ‘an extra yard of pace a little off the green’, ah well, here goes. Crack, into the pack, 2 to us and an honourable draw!

Meanwhile, on rink 4, Eddies team were looking ok until end 6 when they dropped a 7! That’s going to take some getting back as Dorch were now 3-10 up. A couple of good ends for the Fleet made the score 8-12 after ten ends but disaster, another 4 to Dorch. A spirited final few ends saw the gap closing but Fleet eventually ran out of ends to lose by 15-18. A final tally of 30-33 and 1-5 in points.

Moonfleet Whites v Bridport Blues

Played on 3 June, doesn’t time go quickly, the team of Pat Holmes, Marty Groves and skip Malcolm Smith, Kerry Wilson, Eddie Rees and skip Helen Monelle played Bridport Blues skipped by Phil Hedges and John Burwood in the Summer Mixed Open League.

On rink 3 Mal’s team got off to a very slow start losing the first 3 ends before scoring a single, and after 6 ends were 3-6 down. End 8 and Moonfleet were looking at 4 down with 2 bowls left, a controlled drive put the jack in the ditch to hold 2 and a measure, Phil didn’t get in with his final bowl and a draw from Mal made it 4, the next end saw a 5 for Moonfleet making the score 12-6, that’s better. Steady scoring from then on shut out the Bridport recovery giving a final score of 18-13 to Moonfleet.

Rink 4 was a much more one sided contest with Helen’s team scoring consistently throughout, a 4-1 lead after 4 ends was never relinquished and with all three players keeping their concentration it was a good victory of 20-10 for Moonfleet.

Overall a 38-23 and 6-0 to Moonfleet! Come on you Whites…

Winter Presentation

All the pictures are on the Gallery Page of the Chronicle


You’ll never get there at this rate Bruce!

The club has been kind enough to allow me a little space on the website and also to email everyone about the charity bike ride I shall be taking part in on the weekend of June 21st. I am hoping that this publicity will enable me to raise a few extra pounds for the charities that have been nominated by the organisers, Dorchester Rotary. The main beneficiary being Dorset and Somerset air ambulance.

After crossing from Poole to Cherbourg we will be cycling just over 20 miles to St Mere Eglise for an overnight rest. On Saturday we will complete a further 45 or so miles to reach our destination of Bayeux. The return journey on Sunday of 67 miles will, I know, cause me great suffering as I usually start to seize up at around half that distance, so wish me luck.

Blooming hard work this is

Dorchester Rotary do not make use of any of the excellent online charity donation websites so the easiest way for me to keep track of how much I have raised is to send any donations to me. The account to use is sort code 11-08-38, account number 10933662, reference Bayeux. I will then forward the aggregated amount to Dorchester Rotary. If you see me around the club it would obviously be easier to approach me directly.

In the unlikely event that anyone should want to track my suffering (see photo on the left) I will try to remember to log my journey on the well known cycling app – Strava.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Bruce Taylor (Chorans, Tryers, and Thursday Rollers)







Two-wood Drawn Pairs

Trixie Dempsey & Colin Chatburn

Brian Kibbey & Pat Rod

Mixed Triples

Warren Smith, Anne Chislett, Mike Chislett

Ryan Nash, Kath Desmond, Barry Patterson

Men’s Veterans

Tim Munro

Eddie Rees

Women’s Veterans

Eileen Devonald-Batt

Ruth Neary

Women’s Drawn Triples

Gwen Rees, Di Carteur, Eileen Devonald-Batt

Val Spicer, Mairi Mathie, Carol Venton

Men’s Triples

Mike Day, Micky Durrant, Jamie Watkiss

Derek Spicer, Andy Clark, Mick Moxham

Novices’ Drawn Triples

Erika Fry, Di Carteur, Marty Groves

Steve Sparnon, Andy Boatswain, Martin White

Women’s Singles

Anne Chislett

Linda Bryson

Men’s Singles

Jamie Watkiss

Andy Clark

Novices’ Singles

Andy Boatswain

Bob Bullin

Women’s Pairs

Karen Hofen & Margaret Crawford

Gwen Rees & Val Spicer

Men’s Pairs

Ryan Nash & Barry Patterson

Dave Clegg & Malcolm Smith

Drawn Handicap Pairs

Di Carteur & Colin Chatburn

Carol Venton & Eddie Rees

Mixed Pairs

Mairi Mathie & Jack Mathie

Mary Bull & Ashley Welsh

Aussie Pairs

Linda Bryson & Gill Lock

Val Spicer & Derek Spicer


There was a record number of entries for the 2018/19 winter knockout competitions so congratulations to all the winners and indeed to all the finalists.

We would also like to thank the umpire, markers and competent persons for their contributions to the smooth running of the 15 events.

Trophies and prizes will be given to league and competition winners & runners-up at the Winter Presentation Night on 11 May; tickets will go on sale shortly and will be available to all club members. We strongly encourage the attendance of all league and competition winners & runners-up to collect their prizes or to get a representative to do so or their behalf. The ticket price will include food and the bar will be open.


And finally a reminder: the closing date for entries for the Summer Knockout Competitions is 26 April. Entry forms can be found in the blue box on the table by Reception.

Jennifer Browne & Steve Wilson

Competition Secretaries